The name Cold Song comes from the opera King Arthur by Henry Purcell. It is easy to complain about being in Finland, and the cold and the darkness in particular. Instead of dwelling on those things, this (attempts to be) an exercise in looking for wonder and giving thanks, and in celebrating the splendid city of Helsinki while I can.

Part of this discovery and celebration involves food: I cook every day, and often some strange things. I find myself occasionally fielding questions about where to find special ingredients, and so I have started a resources page, and the where to find category might also be useful. Boring talk about grocery shopping. And occasionally, I will post something I find irresistibly meaningful. You are welcome to join me on this journey, and you can contact me anytime at jenny (at) coldsong (dot) com.

I irrevocably fell in love with Purcell at a concert where the tenor Mark Padmore was singing Purcell with the Britten Sinfonia, arranged for them by the young American composer Nico Muhly . But I am not afraid to admit that my favorite recording of Cold Song is this one:

Sting – Cold Song from ERM0NIA on Vimeo.

There will also by poetry, so prepare yourself. Even Emily Dickinson couldn’t help including Finland in poems:

Emily Dickinson


Other things:

What I am reading, what I want to read.

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