Egg streak

Easy paleo and gluten-free friendly breakfasts full of vegetables:

Eggs and vegetables

Eggs and vegetables



For a several weeksYet another egg dish,

This last one was served over baby chard– the only sort of chard available outside of high summer in Helsinki. I have been making something like this every morning. The possibilities are infinite.

Orange porridge

Every morning I make a different porridge, but it gets boring to document them… This one was a bit unusual: mango, sea buckthorn berry coconut shredded and flour, canihua, oats, flax seed, hulled hemp seeds.


Breakfast 02.19

Oats, mango, raspberry, coconut flakes, a few cashews and macadamia nuts, flax and hemp seeds, sea buckthorn berries, cardamom, a bit of psyllium. These ingredients are added gradually…


Breakfast 02.17

Whole organic oat groats (AKA pinhead oats, Scottish oatmeal, Irish oats, steel-cut oats), hulled hemp seeds, ground whole hemp seeds, flax seeds, coconut flakes, coconut meal, crushed cardamom seeds, raw cacao nibs, frozen bananas, frozen blackcurrant berries, a bit of psyllium.

Served with unsweetened almond milk.