Helsinki Art Lending

Here is something that should spread like a virus: the art lending cooperative of Helsinki, Taidelainaamo. It is sooo good.


A monthly fee with no deposit grants access to a large catalog of local artists. The monthly fee goes towards the purchase price of the art, so if someone loves something, they can simply keep it for a year or two and it is theirs. But it also opens the door to fickle, promiscuous relationships with pieces, trying things on, changing with the seasons! I love it.

It is possible to browse through works in person in their space below the library on Rikhardinkatu. There are more works available for order online from their truly amazing website. Sometimes when I need relief from life, I like to go search through art works sorted by medium, size, colour, maker. There are other art lending institutions and businesses in Finland, but this one is my favourite. Enjoy.

Helsinki is beautiful

I can forgive
snow in June
blistering wind
day after day threatening rain
when it is intertwined
with a sky like this:


Helsinki bliss.

Things I love about Finland I

Here is something wonderful: I dropped my wallet in the snow outside of work and it was returned to me intact three hours later… Before I had even noticed it was missing!!! Only in Helsinki : )