Fennel for late spring

Spring is officially here. The late spring as the weather struggles towards summer can be rough, the body feeling depleted of nutrients, vitamins, sunshine. A couple weeks ago I got delicious organic fennel from my food co-op. It was Italian. Here are some things that I did with it:

Duck breast and fennel

Duck breast and fennel

Duck breast is really easy– pan friend, excess oil scooped out and used to cook the carrots and fennel. Then I put it all in the oven to get it extra crispy. The juices of the duck added to the vegetables when served.

It has also been asparagus season in Europe:

Asparagus and fennel

Asparagus and fennel

However, the most spectacular was an easily roasted chicken, using my slapdash interpretation of Marcella Hazan’s famous and foolproof roast chicken with lemons. (Here recipe is all over the interwebs, but that link is to a no-frills posting of it on the New York Times). My lemons were too large, so I had to cut them and only used one. The fennel was cooked beneath the chicken; this must be one of the best ways to cook fennel.

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  1. I’ve surprisingly never cooked duck! I love it though. Yours looks beautiful!

    • Thank you! It is surprisingly easy so I have to warn you it is a bit addictive : ) Cooking it for the first time was intimidating– the scariest part was scoring the skin of the duck.

      Here are two links that have decent instructions:


      From Hunter Angler Gardner Cook

      I do like finishing it in the oven… it can’t be crispy enough as far as I am concerned. Duck makes a spectacular dinner quickly, and is definitely worth a try!

      • Thanks for the tips & great links! 🙂

        I loveeee duck, but I usually eat it in Chinese BBQ/roast duck form. I agree though, crispy skin = the best.

        Definitely does seem intimidating and a little more tricky than chicken, but I should give it a try!

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