Finds at Citymarket Ruohonlahti

A huge basement-level City Market, some prices great, others horrible. They were also out of many staples.

Here is what was interesting:

    • Very cheap cleaned muikku (a wee little lake fish)
    • Frozen Finnish reindeer
    • Coconut/rice/nut milk
    • Good prices on frozen Finnish berries, and a better berry selection than at most places.
    • Frozen organic spinach
    • Cheap frozen Asian catfish
    • Lots of quinoa
    • Good prices on organic oils including organic cold pressed coconut oil and olive oil
    • Sumac
    • Endive

Examples of what not to buy there currently because they are overpriced:

    • Milk (Organic milk 50 p more expensive than, e.g., my local Alepa and not a great selection)
    • Tahini
    • Eggs — Stockmann is a better option
    • The fresh fish looks good, but Stockmann often beats their prices there as well.

They did not have:

    • Alpro almond milk– even the sweetened kind
    • Whole or steel-cut oats
    • Whole Finnish buckwheat (why is no one carrying this?!)




Endive in left over turkey broth.

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