Welcome back, baby


In Finland, I rarely get a heart, flower, bird or jack-o-lantern on top of a latte, I was thinking resentfully, having recently come back from California, where one of my habitual cafes had a very sweet barrista.

But Finland is always surprising me, and this community is an absolute leader in creativity and design. Only in Finland can one find such a beautiful moose on a latte, presented without fanfare. I think it is a masterpiece!

Incidentally, the coffee was delicious. It is from Tiedekulma, which despite its remit to serve as a location for increasing communication between the University and the public, is also a very nice cafe and a great place to work. Uni wireless is available–check out the enclaves in the side for a quiet nook in which to squirrel away with a computer, tablet or book.

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